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Ukrainian State Enterprise of Posts (USEP) “Ukrposhta” is national postal operator.

Postal network is made up of 15 000 postal offices in all regions of Ukraine.

Enterprise comprises 30 branches (25 regional directorates, directorates of cities Kyiv and Sevastopol, Directorate of Treatment and Transportation of Mail, Directorate “Avtotransposhta”, Directorate “Publishing House “Marka Ukrainy”), 25 main post offices, 465 postal hubs, 3 600 urban, 11 312 rural, 140 mobile, 22 season post offices and 383 postal points.

Delivery of postal items in Ukraine is assured by postal vehicles. Over 4 500 vehicles transport mail on main routes, regional and departmental routes.

Mission of the enterprise is provision to customers of high-quality postal, financial, transport, advertisement, information and other services of moderate price as well as physical delivery of postal items, goods and cargo through postal service network.

Ukrainian Post provides services to its clients through united national postal network. This possibility is used for new directions and services development with the view of quality of service improvement and trust of clients.

Strategic spheres of activity of USEP “Ukrposhta”:

  • quality of service improve;
  • Increase in labour productivity and efficiency based on IT technologies and process automation;
  • Enterprise structure streamlining;
  • Constant increase of personnel professionalism;
  • Stable positive image creation.

Ukrposhta takes an active part in activity of international organizations:

  • Universal Postal Union (UPU)
  • Regional Commonwealth in the field of Communications (Commonwealth of Independent States).
  • Member of the Association of European Public Postal Operators (PostEurop).

Ukrainian Post cooperates with a number of the UPU member-administrations and carries out direct postal exchange with 64 countries all over the world; bilateral money order exchange with 14 countries, unilateral exchange – with 6 countries, Cash-on-Delivery items exchange – with 10 countries.

Main operational results of Ukrainian Post over recent years are as follows:

  • New Post code system of Ukraine is implemented
  • Law of Ukraine “On Postal Communication” is adopted
  • Improved system of main route mail transportation is developed and implemented
  • Container transportation of mail is implemented
  • Corporate communication network of enterprise down to regional directorate and departmental postal hubs level is introduced

IT technologies services are implemented such as electronic money order, electronic mail etc.

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